Events 2020

Art of Nature

14 March-13 September

Manx Wildlife Trust and Manx National Heritage are celebrating the Art of Nature at the House of Manannan in a free art exhibition. Aside from showcasing the talented artists on the Island, the art is for sale and a proportion of all sales go towards conserving the wonderful biodiversity of the Isle of Man.


Manx Wildlife Week

7-17 May

This year Manx Wildlife Week is shaping up to be a great programme yet again.  Keep an eye out on the Manx National Heritage What’s On page to see a list of events, they’re always fun and informative and a great way to learn about the natural world and the people that look after it.

This year Manx National Heritage is bringing over Simon Webb from Natural England who will be giving an evening talk in our lecture theatre at the Manx Museum on the 7th May.  More than 15 years ago the three main landowners in the Ennerdale Valley in West Cumbria, together with Natural England, started talking about managing the whole valley in a different way.  The idea was to allow nature to shape the valley rather than man to dictate the landscape and ecology.  This idea took shape and became the Wild Ennerdale Partnership – one of England’s largest and longest running “re-wilding projects”.

Simon Webb from Natural England and the Wild Ennerdale Partnership will reflect on the highlights of the project, explain the ecological thinking behind it and discuss whether this really is re-wilding or just sensitive upland management.  The results at Ennerdale have been surprising, challenging the boundaries we impose on the natural world – rivers now meander through plantations, green fields are scrubbed up, livestock wander within the forest and everywhere there is dynamism and change.