Where to Submit a Record

If you have collected a biological record that you would like to submit, there are many ways to do this:


Manx Birdlife has an excellent online recording system for your Manx bird sightings and photos. Please submit all you Manx bird records to Manx Birdlife rather than using any other system. This is very important for verification purposes. At present Manx Birdlife data does not go to the NBN Atlas so you will see your sightings online much quicker using Manx Birdlife.

iRecord – for wildlife sightings

iRecord is a website and mobile app, for uploading your wildlife sightings with photographs so that your identifications can be verified. Records are verified by specialist referees, and once your records have been verified they will become visible on the NBN Atlas Isle of Man. If you cannot put a name to the species you have recorded you could use iSpot share nature or one of the many other ID guides online.

Recording on the Isle of Man: Submitting Multiple Records

If you are regularly collecting records, are a local Isle of Man recorder, a visiting specialist or would like further information about recording groups on the Isle of Man please email philippa.tomlinson@gov.im for more information. The Manx Biological Recording Partnership has further information and links to all the local groups.

National UK Recording Schemes and Societies

Recording schemes and societies normally focus on the recording of a specific species group, or in a specific location. They can often help with learning to identify species and can offer specialist support. Many schemes and societies will create databases of records from its recorders and then share these databases via the NBN Atlas. Many recording schemes will also have an app that will allow you to add records directly to their database. A list of general recording schemes and societies can be found on the NBN Website.

Check data sharing conditions

It is recommended that you check the data sharing conditions of whoever you chose to submit your records via, to ensure that your records are reaching the people you would like them to.

Capturing Records

We would like to hear your views on how we should best capture records that are submitted via this Atlas.

We need to consider:

  • Data flows
  • Verification of records
  • Administration of records and datasets submitted via this route
  • Ownership of records
  • Management of records

If you have thoughts on how you think these issues could be managed effectively, please let us know via info@nbnatlas.org