Specialists and consultants

For consultants requiring site data

With the exception of avian data, for all other biological records required for development and planning of terrestrial sites please contact the Ecosystem Policy Team at Isle of Man Government DEFA. Avian records are provided by Manx Birdlife.

• Ecosystem Policy Team: email ecopolicy@gov.im Tel 01624 685835
Manx Birdlife is a conservation charity working to protect the Island’s birds

The following local species groups carry out specialist surveys on request:

Manx Bat Group – surveys
Isle of Man Fungus Group

Ecological consultants on the Island:

Ecology Vannin is an Island ecological consultancy service provided by Manx Wildlife Trust
Ecology Vannin

Please note the NBN Atlas Isle of Man does not give the location of recent species records at less than 1km resolution. You will need the details of records for work on a site. Many species are protected under the 1990 Wildlife Act, the lists are given here:
Schedule 7 Plants (2004)
Schedule 5 Animals (2004)
Schedules 1, 2 Birds and 7 plants (2004)

After completing ANY field surveys, please ensure that you send your species records to the MBRP Biological Recorder at biologicalrecords@gov.im
An Excel file template recording spreadsheet is available on request for easy inputting of data and ensuring species names are spelt correctly.

For species group specialists and keen recorders

Please do get in touch if you need a search from our Recorder6 database or our habitat mapping system. Or if you need advice about submitting data. Or if you would like to see a checklist of a species group. Email biolgicalrecords@gov.im

Important information about personal information, our data sharing policy and our data management, access and provision statement are all available on request.