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NBN Atlas Isle of Man is supported by the Manx Biological Recording Partnership, a wildlife conservation partnership of organisations and individuals focused on collating terrestrial and marine Manx data, led jointly by Manx National Heritage, the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Isle of Man Government and the Manx Wildlife Trust. Much of our data comes from surveys carried out by the lead organisations but also includes records from individual wildlife recorders and several specialist groups including Manx Bat Group, Isle of Man Fungus Group, Manx Basking Shark Watch and Manx Bird Atlas (non-avian records). The Isle of Man is a UK Crown Dependency.

Manx Biological Recording Partners

Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) holds a wildlife records database and mapping system and develops biodiversity policy and strategy as well as building support and advocacy for wildlife issues. The Department endeavors to ensure the effective conservation of the Island’s most scarce and important species of wild plants and animals and important habitats. The Fisheries Directorate river management team of DEFA has a wildlife page with information on wildlife of Manx watercourses, including brook lampreys Lampetra planeri.

Isle of Man Fungus Group’s aims to encourage recording, understanding and appreciation of fungi through forays, talks and workshops and to promote the conservation of fungi and their habitats. Affiliated to the Fungus Conservation Trust (which was the Association of British Fungus Groups), further information can be found on the Manx Biodiversity page.

Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society seeks to promote its objectives by practical investigations in the field, by the furthering of cultural and documentary studies, with lectures, and the issue of publications for the benefit of the public.

Manx Basking Shark Watch studies the behaviour, genetics and distribution of basking sharks around the Isle of Man and globally.  It raises awareness and understanding of basking sharks via the media, a Facebook page and by involving the public in recording the abundance and distribution of basking sharks via its website and by using local volunteers.  The scientific data obtained by Manx Basking Shark Watch enables the Manx Government to make informed decisions about the protection, conservation and management of basking sharks and hence to meet their international conservation obligations.

Manx Bat Group brings together volunteers from across the Isle of Man interested in the conservation of Manx bats. Affiliated to the UK Bat Conservation Trust.

Manx BirdLife is a Manx bird conservation charity that uses an on-going programme of research to under-pin its conservation work. The purpose of the charity can be expressed as ‘Working to conserve wild birds and their habitats on the Isle of Man, using research to identify priority species and using community engagement to secure support for and understanding of our work’.

Manx National Heritage (MNH) looks after some of the Isle of Man’s most special places, spaces and collections, including historic buildings, landscapes, archives and the Island’s national museum collections, including art, social history, archaeology, natural history, making these available to a worldwide audience. Our professional team also advise on developments and changes in our historic environment and natural landscape, helping ensure the Isle of Man remains a special place for people, heritage and nature for generations to come. It acts as a guardian of the Island’s many natural and cultural assets and looks after 3,000 acres of land on behalf of the community, including the Calf of Man Bird Observatory and nature reserve.

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch surveys and records cetacean sightings around the Isle of Man and works in collaboration with the Manx Wildlife Trust and the Sea Watch Foundation of the UK.

Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) is the leading nature conservation charity on the Isle of Man, with concern for both terrestrial and marine environments. The MWT is one of the three main data providers to the Partnership Recorder 6 database.  The MWT also runs the Wildflowers of Mann project.

SeaSearch Isle of Man is the local group of Seasearch which aims to gather information on seabed habitats and associated marine wildlife in Britain and Ireland through the participation of volunteer recreational divers.

Manx Biological Recording Partnership


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